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According to the global market trend and demand, we can provide various product models with small quantity production and the support rush orders and customized production process. EnterTec has the management control system and abilities to manage the forecast, capacity, material control, inventory etc, so each department transverse/longitudinal information timely feedback has become more important. Our company sufficiently adopts industrial engineering & management system to closely link every control point and simplify the procedures, to achieve the production line balance and efficiency, in order to achieve the basic demand of punctual shipment.

Meanwhile, product is the ultimate behavior of a manufacturer’s standard technology, and quality depends on the production details. By using the semi-automatic and full-automatic equipment to the key process to avoid workers’ negligence, to enhance the yield rate, and to make the product more stable.

However, a talent is the roof of the company. Every staff is active in work. New staff member are required to accept 3 months basic training, Through the traditional apprentice system, they can acquire related working skill, make sure they conform to related SOP and improve the production efficiency.

To solve the production problems, the production engineer at any time according to demand will make the full-automatic and semi-automatic fixture to assist the production, for working more relaxed, more stable quality, operation more smoothly. At the same time the transparent resource management system to facilitate the users to use, as to enable the work more simple and effective.