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Screw Type IP68 Water proof

The devices developed for panel systems where requires IP 68 waterproof function for RF coaxial cable assembly, to reach IP 68 rating, the major precondition must be that male device and female device mated together certainly. Then, the whole devices can work under water for long time, also have the best protection against UV, moisture, dust, and acid & alkali corrosion, and could endure & challenge some other severe environment.

Interface Mating Dimensions

Selection Matrix

Interface: SMA | SMB
Impedance: 50Ohm | 75Ohm
Cable: 0.81mm | 1.13mm | 1.32mm | 1.37mm | 1.48mm | RG-174 | RG-316 | RG-178 | LMR-100 | LMR-195 | LMR-200 | LMR-240 | CFD-100 | CFD-195 | CFD-200 | CFD-240