MCX connectors are designed for use in any wire-to-board application where quick and easy snap-on mating is needed; available in 50 and 75 Ohm and up to 6 GHz

MCX subminiature snap-on connectors offer a stable and durable connection. The subminiature design allows other electronic assemblies to be densely packaged on the PCB. MCX connectors are approximately 30% smaller than SMB connectors are, are available in both 50 and 75 Ohm versions and provide good electrical performance to 6 GHz. These connectors are used in telecommunications systems as well as wireless and GPS applications. For medical MRI applications, non-magnetic versions are available. Molex also provides multi-port MCX connectors for coplanar board-to-board and cable-to-board applications.

Selection Matrix
Cable Group

Male Femal
LTRMillimeters / Inches
A Φ0.48 Φ.019 Φ0.53 Φ.021
B Φ2.00 Φ.079 Φ2.07 Φ.081
C Φ3.66 Φ.144 Φ3.76 Φ.148
D 0.00 .000 0.30 .012
E 2.81 .111 3.20 .126
F 4.16 .164    
G 2.81 .111 3.20 .126
H Φ0.94 Φ.037 Φ0.98 Φ.039
LTRMillimeters / Inches
A Φ1.80 Φ.071 Φ1.97 Φ.076
B Φ3.43 Φ.135 Φ3.48 Φ.137
C Φ3.61 Φ.142 Φ3.75 Φ.148
D 2.31 .091 2.79 .110
E 2.61 .103 2.79 .110
F 4.00 .157 4.12 .162
G 0.75 .030 0.85 .033
H Φ0.94 Φ.037 Φ0.98 Φ.039


Nominal impedance50 Ω
Frequency up to6 GHz
VSWR1.30 max. straight connector
Working voltage250 Volts rms.
Dielectric withstanding voltage500 Volts rms.
Insulation resistance1000 MΩ min.
Contact resistancecenter conductor 5.0 mΩ
outer conductor 3.0 mΩ


MatingSnap on coupling
Cable retention3 kgf typical
Engage force2.5 kgf max.
Disengage force0.5 kgf min.
Durability≥ 500 cycles
Temperature range-55℃ to +155℃
VibrationPer MIL-STD-202 Method 204 Test Condition D
CorrosionPer MIL-STD-202 Method 101 Test Condition B


Connector bodyBrass per(QQ-B-626 or JIS-C3604B)Nickel or gold plating
Center contact maleBrass per(QQ-B-626 or JIS-C3604B) Gold plating
Center contact femaleBeryllium copper per(QQ-C-530 or JIS-C 1730) or
Phosphor bronze per(QQ-B-750 or JIS-C5441B)
Gold plating
Crimp ferruleAnnealed copperSame as body