Ideal for space-critical applications, the MMCX compact and lightweight connectors provide reliable electronic performance from DC to 6 GHz

MMCX 50 Ohm microminiature compact and lightweight connectors are designed for densely populated electronic packages with size and weight limitations. The mechanical stability is maintained via a snap-on interface that uses no slotting in the outer conductor. Typical applications include wireless/PCS devices, telecommunications, GPS receivers and consumer electronics. For medical MRI applications, non-magnetic versions are available.

Selection Matrix
Cable Group

Male Femal
LTRMillimeters / Inches
A     Φ2.39 Φ.094
B Φ1.57 Φ.062 Φ1.63 Φ.064
C Φ2.31 Φ.091 Φ2.36 Φ.092
D 2.69 .106    
E 0.00 0.00 0.25 .100
F 1.25 .049    
G     3.15 .124
H 0.38 .015 0.43 .017
LTRMillimeters / Inches
A Φ2.41 Φ.181    
B 2.59 .102    
C 0.89 .035 1.20 .047
D Φ2.31 Φ.091 Φ2.36 Φ.093
E 1.57 .062 1.63 .064
F 2.28 .090 2.33 .092
G 1.40 .055    
H     0.23 .009
I Φ2.87 Φ.113 Φ2.90 Φ.114
J Φ3.00 Φ.118 Φ3.05 Φ.120


Nominal impedance50 Ω
Frequency up to6 GHz
VSWR1.35 max.
Working voltage 125 Volts rms.
Dielectric withstanding voltage500 Volts rms.
Insulation resistance500 mΩ min.
Contact resistancecenter conductor 5.0 mΩ
outer conductor 2.5 mΩ


MatingSnap on coupling
Cable retention3.0 kgf typical
Engage force2.0 kgf max.
Disengage force0.5 kgf min.
Durability≥ 500 cycles
Temperature range-55℃ to +155℃
VibrationPer MIL-STD-202 Method 204 Test Condition D
CorrosionPer MIL-STD-202 Method 101 Test Condition B


Connector bodyBrass per(QQ-B-626 or JIS-C3604B)Gold plating
Center contact maleBrass per(QQ-B-626 or JIS-C3604B)Gold plating
Center contact femaleBeryllium copper per(QQ-C-530 or JIS-C1730) or
Phosphor bronze per(QQ-B-750 or JIS-C5441B)
Gold plating
Crimp ferruleAnnealed copperGold plating