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IP68 Water proof

Our IP68 WaterProof series, to be derived from RF hardwares requiring high frequency signal transmission in harsh environment. The Unique sealing technology ensures high frequency signal which will not be affected by external environment, and maintain the stability of the transmission quality.

To make the RF products more stable and effective, even in the extreme temperature difference for different climate, UV environment. We sincerely recommend our IP 68 Waterproof designs.

They are suitable for hardwares in outdoor, waterproof, higher UV Protectiion. Meanwhile, they can be successfully applied to different kinds of solutions according to market demand.

Outdoor (Anti- UV)


  • Water tank content/Water level monitoring. Water/Electric meter, and Pollution prevention monitoring programmes
  • Renewable energy power transmission projects
  • Energy conservation managerments
  • Indoor and outdoor solutions in LED market
  • Industrial Automation testing and monitoring programmes
  • High-speed broadband transmission and Telecom system integration solutions
  • Technology development solutions in severe environments based on communication industries.
  • The wild animals and plants tracking and monitoring programmes